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It’s happened. It’s here. We’re all doomed. IT’S ABOUT TIME.

People are eating people. I’m not linking every little update about horrendous crimes across the continent, but it’s plain to see people are going to crazy. So what if there’s no unifying factor between the violence? Shit is crazy out there, bro. Buckle down and strap up, Thije and Jamil will guide you on your way through the apocalypse.


Gayety abound!

DC and Marvel have rolled out two big marketing storytelling moves in the last couple weeks. Over at Detective Comics Comics Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern (you know, the one that got his power from an emerald flame and not a ring), is being retooled as a gay character. In the House of Ideas they are having long-outted Mutant Northstar marry his partner, the boringly non-powered Kyle, in Astonishing X-Men #51.

I’m all for more gay characters. I’m a pretty gay-friendly guy; I live with two gay men. I just can’t help but sigh at this a little bit. The way the companies have trumpeted these changes forces the new, oldest Green Lantern and ol’ faithful Jean-Paul to be, or continue to be, viewed as only gay characters. Instead of bringing these developments about organically, by letting us read them on the page, it’s been blasted on The View and Bleeding Cool for weeks. But, honestly, I’m not going to hate, good for comics. Honestly, I’m kind of apathetic to it because the old school Lantern and Alpha Flight continue to do nothing for me.


Here’s what I’ve reviewed lately.

Resident Alien #1 (Hogan/Parkhouse) – I’m a fan of this series, a mini about an alien living amongst small town America. Steve Parkhouse’s art is phenomenal, and the concept is inventive and develops naturally. Keep an eye on this.

Avengers vs X-Men #3-4 (Various Marvel dudes) – Chris Kiser, Shawn Hill and myself continue to review Marvel’s big event. My assessment so far: not terrible, pretty typical, kinda cool. The gestalt of big-time creators is a weird approach, but it keeps things lively, I guess.

Battle Scars #1-6 (Yost/Eaton) – Yes, I made a point to review this! If you don’t recall, Battle Scars is the series that introduced a black Nick Fury to the main Marvel universe. It was not as horrible as it sounds, but it won’t blow anyone’s mind either. Read my review!

Thunderbolts #172-174 (Parker/Shalvey) – The last issues of Thunderbolts before it switched to Dark Avengers (which just came out!). Thunderbolts is extremely succulent superhero comics, celebrating them in ways mainstream Avengers and Batman titles can. It’s about obscure, severely flawed individuals reacting in the moment. Funtastic stuff. Don’t read my review… READ THE COMIC.


Look out for a fairly important announcement coming here in about two weeks. Until then, see on the other side of the end of the world, ATTWZ-ers!