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Happenings are a little light in the zombie spectrum. I could pull out some arbitrary Evil Dead reboot news, or this intriguing zombie social networking site, or show this awesome LEGO/zombie wallpaper, or tell you World War Z will be in theaters in 2013, but let’s not bullshit.


The “Week” in Comics:

Moebius died.

A figure in the land of comics for his inspiration and ingenuity. In looking over his work there is no doubt he is one of history’s most important figures in sequential storytelling.

Convention season is slowly warming up. Wonder Con in Anaheim is happening probably as I post this and the bits of news I’ve seen are exciting. This is one of the best times of the year for fans. Hearing the big announcement, and getting the first look at the next year of comics. Even if I know that most of the cool stuff will fail to deliver six  months later.

Here’s some stuff I’m already drooling about (much of it courtesy of Bleeding Cool):

Thunderbolts is no more, get ready for ________________!


Jeff Parker’s Thunderbolts might be my favorite title on the stands. Srsly. It’s appearance is due very soon in Read This Comic!,  so the news that Thunderbolts is transforming into something else is bittersweet. The title is radical, and nonstop fun, but it does not preform well nor is it promoted much by Marvel. So I’m glad they’re trying to inject life into the hidden gem of their lineup. Now… I am pretty stumped at what T-bolts could be turning into. I will dive into specifics in the eventual RTC! but the title doesn’t really tie into the big Marvel franchises; it kind of stands on it’s own.

Well, if  anything, the team holds deepest roots in the Masters of Evil, even if they are far removed at this point (and yet, not that far, as Parker’s finale Thunderbolts arc deals with the current and original team dueling it out — yeah, told you that shit is cool). The Masters are a tie-in of the Avengers, and I can’t help but think the Bolts might spin into an Avengers-branch title, especially considering the big reshuffling that will happen post-Bendis.

UPDATE: Apparently, it will turn into Dark Avengers.  It will keep the T-bolts numbering. Color me excited.

In related news: Man-Thing seems to be getting his own book.

I’m a Man-Thing lover. Yeah, get your chuckles out. For a quick understanding on why Man-Thing is even a viable idea, check out a dialogue between Jason and Daniel at Comics Bulletin on Steve Gerber’s soulful, psychedelic run back in the day. Read only to embrace the thirty-something dick jokes.

Can’t wait for Marvel to announce a creative team and a quick concept on that project. Man-Thing can be done terribly wrong, and will always be seen as second fiddle to Swamp Thing. (Although… M-T preceded Swampy by a whole year, just the guy from DC has benefited from the fortunate run of unbelievable writers.) My money on who might be writing Infernal Man-Thing is Jeff Parker. He’s a character in Thunderbolts and under Parker the big magic plant-man is more relevant and interesting than he’s been in a couple decades.

I should also note that a missing M-T/Gerber story is finally making it’s way to print. Kevin Nowlan’s style is identifiable, and definitely a bit oft-kilter, but hey, so is the character.

UPDATE: From what I can tell, the lost Gerber story and Infernal Man-Thing are one and the same.

Don’t look now, but Ms. Marvel is about to be the next Captain Marvel. OK, you can look.

This isn’t a new concept if you read House of M, but it’s still huge. Ms. Marvel is my favorite female superhero, hands down. So, focusing on her, and putting a woman scribe on the title,  fan-fucking-tastic. I’m in. Now make it gritty because Carol kicks ass.

Really though, you should be aware that Marvel is rolling this thing out because they pretty much have to periodically publish a Captain Marvel book so DC can’t. In fact, DC appears to be fed up with the whole deal and has officially (finally) renamed Captain Marvel to Shazam(! [?]).

So, this new Captain Marvel is a savvy move on the part of Marvel, utilize the property they want to protect and promote one of their best female characters at the same time. And nothing feels forced. Imagine that.

A’ight, folks! Time to enjoy this weekend. So right after you vote for ATTWZ by clicking the banner on the right sidebar get out and do something fun. Thije and I demand it.