Goedendag! Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

It’s a very busy and exciting time here at At-Werz. The most recently posted page (25) is the last of our opening chapter.  The story is about to get really get juicy, and by that I mean more plot than a Asian chick with a shovel trotting around the woods. ATTWZ is definitely a slow-burn type of read, which is why I thought it better suited for a webcomics. I’m hoping those who have returned and read through the twenty-odd pages are enjoying it. I promised something different, and we’ll deliver.


So that get’s us to some important comic news. It might come as a slight surprise but And Then There Were Zombies is switching over to black and white. Now, I know everyone loves the vibrant world of color, but since this project is essentially a “garage band” level project (a garage that extends 3,500 miles [or 6,000 kilometers], mind you), Thije and I decided this would be the best route for the productivity of the comic. We wanted to bring brightness and vivid joy to our cozy little horror story and I’m sad to see color go, but I’m happy to have a more relaxed artist who can focus on the storytelling aspect over what essentially is a nonessential. You might also notice a stylistic change in Thije’s approach, something that resembles the current style over our sister-comic Sara Sunshine. Again, this is a developmental process for all (two) of us, so finding our comfort area and tweaking the comic as we hit new obstacles and discover new truths about the business of comics is only natural. ATTWZ will be stronger because of it, I guarantee you.

The new month of April means a new month of voting for Top Webcomics. Please, please, please vote. It only takes a few clicks and helps grow the readership. So if you like what we’re doing here and want to support our vision it’s extremely important to show the support and vote. And remember, you can vote daily, so just go ahead a click every time you see the banner!

I finally got around to launching the And Then There Were Zombies Facebook page! If you do the Facebook Like thing, go over and give us a thumbs up. It’s on the sidebar. If you can’t find it, clean your monitor.

Also, I still need more Twitter followers! I’m a pretty fucking hilarious dude, not to mention smart and insightful. Humble to boot. So follow me @jamilscalese, you’ll only regret it somewhat.


That’s all for now, but as an added bonus check out the current Sara Sunshine page. It may or not have something to do with the upcoming chapter of ATTWZ. (Holy shit! CROSSOVER?!!)